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Beer on Tap

As of April 21st, 2019





Miller Lite (WI)

Adjunct Lager ~ 4.2 % ABV ~ $3.50 Pint

Spotted Cow – New Glarus (WI)

Wisconsin Staple ~ 4.8 % ABV ~ $4.75 Pint

Blue Moon Belgian White (CO)

Orange Included ~ 5.4 % ABV ~ $4.75 Pint

Fat Tire – New Belgium (CO)

Amber Ale ~ 5.2 % ABV ~ $4.75 Pint



Porter – Founders (MI)

Robust Porter ~ 6.5 % ABV ~ $6.00 Pint

Pours silky black with a creamy tan head. The nose is sweet with strong chocolate and caramel malt presence. No absence of hops gives Founders’ robust porter the full flavor you deserve and expect. Cozy like velvet. It’s a lover, not a fighter.


Local Poet – Working Draft (MAD)

Pale Ale, Chapter 4 ~ 5.2 % ABV ~ $6.00 Pint

Sweet Pineapple on the nose with a bright citrus flavor. Dry, crisp & clean with just a touch of malty sweetness to balance it out. Mosaic hops in the whirlpool & just a touch of malty sweetness to balance.


Tapping the Sugar Bush (2017) Tyranena (WI)

BA Maple Porter ~ 9.0 % ABV ~ $6.00 Goblet

Tapping The Sugarbush is an Imperial Maple Porter aged in Bourbon Barrels. The sweetness of maple syrup is masterfully blended (if I do say so myself) with the richness of chocolate and caramel malts. Notes of vanilla and oak from barrel-aging further heighten this north wood's pleasure.


Madtown Nut Brown – Ale Asylum (MAD)

American Brown Ale ~ 5.5 % ABV ~ $5.25 Pint

With its standard appearance, mahogany with a sandy crown, this brown ale doesn’t dazzle from the glass, but it shines near your nose: A wonderfully nuttiness distinguishes the aroma, carrying brushes of peppery and flowery hops. Flavors continue in this direction, albeit with less punch than the aroma. Nutty whole-grain bread, sunflower seeds and even a touch of chocolate wash over the tongue, before lightly caramelized malts and subtle, citrus hops pop in. Mad Town shows off a smooth, luscious body and a fairly dry, clean finish.


Peanut Butter Victory at Sea

Ballast Point (CA)

PB, Coffee & Vanilla Porter ~ 10.0 % ABV ~ $6.00 Goblet

Our Ballast Point Peanut Butter Victory at Sea is a nutty version of our popular Imperial Porter. We took our trademark robust porter brewed with Caffè Calabria coffee and vanilla and added peanut butter, adding another level to this roasty, flavorful beer!


Liquid Paradise – New Belgium (CO)

Tropical IPA ~ 7.8 % ABV ~ $4.75 Pint

Using Mosaic Incognito, Azacca and Cascade hops, Liquid Paradise boasts a mélange of tropical notes to create a delicately bitter and extremely aromatic IPA. Moderately strong notes of guava, mango and grapefruit followed by more subtle white grape, herbal grass and stone fruit.


Break O’ Day – New Glarus (WI)

Thumbprint Juicy IPA ~ ?? % ABV ~ $6.00 Goblet

Break O’Day Juicy IPA explodes with unruly exuberant citrus notes. Brewed for a session or a lively break, this juice-infused Wisconsin Session IPA boasts 100% Midwestern barley malt. Complex dry hop additions of Comet, Amarillo, Chinook, Bravo, Sterling and Citra hops bring the haze to our boisterous and bright Juicy IPA party that you hold in your hand.


Wisconsin Stout – Untitled Art(WI)

Listermann Collab. ~ 10.0 % ABV ~ $6.00 Goblet

This stout is a beautiful collaboration between 2 talented breweries. Together they decided to “spilt the difference” in body “not too thick and not too thin” and make a big Milkstout with Maple. It’s rich, roasty and packed with flavor. It’s called the Ohio/Wisconsin stout because they are brewing a batch in both states, with each state receiving their home brew. Thus we are presenting Wisconsin Stout.


Luxe and Reduxe – Hacienda Beer Co (WI)

Maple & Cold Brew ~ 8.0 % ABV ~ $6.00 Goblet

Notes of malted milk, maple syrup, rich chocolate, cocoa, and also subtle notes of vanilla and malt. This is on the sweeter side with all the maple, pancakes, chocolate cola, but some of the roasted malts break it up. It's a sipper and pretty good if you prefer sweeter pastry stouts. Smooth, creamy, and full bodied along with soft carbonation. Pretty good milk stout and it is almost like a pancake breakfast.


White Geist – Stone (CA)

Berliner Weisse ~ 4.7 % ABV ~ $6.00 Pint

Our tartly refreshing, kettle-soured Stone Berliner Weisse gained its orthodox sour and acidic character from a specially selected Lactobacillus strain sourced from local Berlin cultures. To ensure a properly Stone, and therefore iconoclastic, Berliner Weisse, we upped the ABV to a healthy 4.7% and hopped the beer with new German varieties, Huell Melon and Callista. This beer embodies the liveliness of summer with the fruity tang of apricots and the sweetness of ripe honeydew.

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