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Beer on Tap

As of March 19th, 2019



Miller Lite (WI)

Adjunct Lager ~ 4.2 % ABV ~ $3.50 Pint

Spotted Cow – New Glarus (WI)

Wisconsin Staple ~ 4.8 % ABV ~ $4.75 Pint

Blue Moon Belgian White (CO)

Orange Included ~ 5.4 % ABV ~ $4.75 Pint

Fat Tire – New Belgium (CO)

Amber Ale ~ 5.2 % ABV ~ $4.75 Pint


Porter – Founders (MI)

Robust Porter ~ 6.5 % ABV ~ $6.00 Pint

Pours silky black with a creamy tan head. The nose is sweet with strong chocolate and caramel malt presence. No absence of hops gives Founders’ robust porter the full flavor you deserve and expect. Cozy like velvet. It’s a lover, not a fighter.


Dad Bod – Working Draft (MAD)

Oatmeal Stout ~ 5.0 % ABV ~ $6.00 Pint

Subtle vanilla, maple, & roasty notes play nicely with the smooth mouthfeel from golden naked oats.


Extra Stout – Giant Jones (MAD)

Big Beers for Everyone ~ 7.8 % ABV ~ $6.00 Goblet

At Giant Jones Brewing, we brew big beers for everyone, specializing in high ABV beers (7% abv and up), that will capture your imagination and your heart. We’re an Independent, woman-owned, certified organic craft brewery located in Madison, WI. Our Extra Stout is Grainy with rich roast and tobacco complexity.


Unshadowed – Ale Asylum (MAD)

German Hefeweizen ~ 6.0 % ABV ~ $4.75 Pint

Vibrant as a summer sun and über refreshing, this classic German Hefeweizen is soft on the palate with an effervescent finish.  Walk towards the light. The tasty, tasty light.


DDH Double IPA – Untitled Art(WI)

Eagle Park Collab ~ 8.0 % ABV ~ $6.00 Goblet

Nothing on the Internet yet. Bringing new beer styles to Wisconsin. In a market filled with exhausting back stories and kitschy names, we just let the beer speak for itself.

Hazy Double IPA with lactose, Nelson Sauvin, and Belma Hops.


Hazy Memory – Lagunitas (CA/IL)

Murky Hazy Monster ~ 7.7 % ABV ~ $6.00 Goblet

We're going a bit blurry on this nebulous release... Hazy Memory is a cloudy IPA full of oats and smooth wheatly-esque-ish-ness, packed with some of the murkiest, juiciest, turbid Loral 291, Hallertau Blanc, Galaxy, and Citra Hops. It's a huge flavor you won't forget!


Smoking Gull – Half Acre (IL)

One off Tropical IPA ~ 5.3 % ABV ~ $6.00 Pint

Brewed with Pilsner, Vienna, and flaked oats, ridden hard with Citra and Mosaic hops, touching on a bunch of mod slants on packing hop luster.


Peanut Butter Victory at Sea

Ballast Point (CA)

PB, Coffee & Vanilla Porter ~ 10.0 % ABV ~ $6.00 Goblet

Our Ballast Point Peanut Butter Victory at Sea is a nutty version of our popular Imperial Porter. We took our trademark robust porter brewed with Caffè Calabria coffee and vanilla and added peanut butter, adding another level to this roasty, flavorful beer!


2019 Flanders Sour – New Glarus (WI)

Sour Brown ~ 5.0 % ABV ~ $6.00 Goblet

Flanders Sour Red Ale was inspired by the classic sour brews of Belgium. Our Flanders Sour Red was thoughtfully blended by Brewmaster Daniel Carey from his Cellar of young and 3 year old stock. In the traditional method, his expert blending was followed by a rest in the Wild Fruit Cellar. Tart stone fruit and sour apple notes balance delicately forward of the toasted almond body. Every drop was 100% naturally carbonated in the bottle you hold. Our spontaneously fermented Flanders Sour is an eminently vibrant sour experience. 


Sproose – Black Husky (MKE)

Spruced IIPA ~ 8.6 % ABV ~ $6.00 Goblet

“Reminiscent of the essence of pine wafting in the breeze as you stroll through the forest on a cool, crisp winter’s evening…” What? Really? Lothar (“The Biter”) would sooner, well bite you, then listen to you extol the virtues of the pine forest. This Black Husky innovation is not so subtle – and it’s not meant to be. Brewed with locally harvested spruce tips and tracking in at 103 IBUs this aggressive double IPA won’t leave you wondering if you caught a whiff of pine; rather you’ll know you bulldozed through the forest and came out on the other side – the dark side – the Black Husky side.

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