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Beer on Tap

As of November 19th, 2018




Miller Lite (WI)

Adjunct Lager ~ 4.2 % ABV ~ $3.50 Pint

Spotted Cow – New Glarus (WI)

Wisconsin Staple ~ 4.8 % ABV ~ $4.75 Pint

Blue Moon Belgian White (CO)

Orange Included ~ 5.4 % ABV ~ $4.75 Pint

Fat Tire – New Belgium (CO)

Amber Ale ~ 5.2 % ABV ~ $4.75 Pint


Blackout Stout – Great Lakes (OH)

Imperial Stout ~ 9.9 % ABV ~ $4.75 Goblet

Bold and dark as a power-less metropolis, our Russian Imperial Stout commemorates the infamous 2003 blackout that briefly left some 55 million people utterly unplugged. Pitch-dark and rich, kindled with black malt and roasted barley, and illuminated by flickers of bitter hops.


Oakspire – New Belgium (CO)

Bourbon Barrel Ale ~ 9.0 % ABV ~ $6.00 Goblet

A limited-edition collaboration between New Belgium and Knob Creek, Oakspire is a unique bourbon barrel ale aged with bourbon-steeped oak spirals and char from inside the barrel. Smooth notes of toffee, vanilla and caramel wrap up with a pleasantly warm finish. Oakspire: Where innovation meets tradition.


Chocolate Scotch Ale – Untitled Art (WI)

Cacao Nibbed Scotch Ale ~ 8.0 % ABV~ $6.00 Goblet

Seems simple right? Toss some Chocolate into a malty scotch ale. Almost too simple really. Well how the hell does this beer taste so complex then? Can someone explain that to me? I don’t even like scotch ales, but I am drinking the snot out of this. On a side note, wouldn’t it be nice if Untitled Art actually wrote something about their beers when they released them? Then you wouldn’t have to listen to me ramble… But Seriously, this beer is great.


Rosé – Virtue Cider (MI)

French Oak Aged Apple Cider ~ 6.7 % ABV ~ $4.75 Goblet

Our rosé cider is a blend of hand-pressed heirloom Michigan apples aged in French oak barrels. It is truly cider made like wine with floral notes and a dry, crisp finish. Rosé pours with the light pink of spring apple blossoms, with bright floral notes and hints of fresh-picked apple, grapefruit peel, and green strawberry. The finish is clean with just a slight tartness.


Michigan Apple – Virtue Cider (MI)

Semi-Dry Cider ~ 5.5 % ABV ~ $4.75 Goblet

Our semi-dry cider is made from heirloom Michigan apples, then blended with hand-pressed juice from this year's harvest. The final cider offers the scent of ripe apples, a hint of oak, and a touch of sweetness. We use all sorts of Michigan apples grown on local family farms. The blend of these heirloom apples creates a complexity of flavor impossible to achieve with just a few varieties. Michigan Apple is a blend of cider from last year's harvest aged in French oak barrels, and freshly pressed apples.


Belgian Red – New Glarus (WI)

Wisconsin Cherry Ale ~ 4.0 % ABV~ $6.00 Goblet

You hold the marriage of wine and beer. Belgian Red is a tapestry of flavor. This beer is brewed with whole Montmorency Cherries, Wisconsin Farmed Wheat and Belgian Roasted Barleys, lagered in oak tanks and balanced by Hallertau hops we aged in our brewery one full year. Over a pound of Door County Cherries in every bottle makes this beer uniquely "Wisconsin." So unique, in fact, that we applied for a patent. Expect this beer to be ruby red, with a medium body that is highly carbonated and intense with cherry flavor and bouquet. Serve your friends Belgian Red in a brandy snifter or champagne flute and toast life with beer from the land of Wisconsin. 


Iron Works Alt – Metropolitan (IL)

Munich Malt Lager ~ 5.5 % ABV ~ $4.75 Pint

Altbier is one of the few German ales, and we brew ours to make you feel like you're drinking in Düsseldorf. Just like the Germans, we can't help but lager this beer for a while anyway. Rich, dry Munich malt flavors; herbal hop bitterness; and molasses-raisin aromas come together to peak your interest, but in no way impedes a thirsty chug.


Keep ‘er Movin’ – Ale Asylum (WI)

Pale Lager ~ 4.2 % ABV ~ $4.75 Pint

Hey der guy- Charlie Berens here from the Manitowoc Minute. I made a beer with my fellow cheeseheads at Ale Asylum over there in Madison. It's a light pilsner that's only available in Wisconsin and perfect when you want a couple two tree beers. You'll wanna stock up cuz holy cripes winter is comin' and you don't wanna be sober for that. 


Black Raspberry Sour Ale Deschutes (OR)

Draft only Kettle Sour ~ 4.3 % ABV ~ $5.25 Goblet

This sour is beery, beery good….oops we mean berry, berry good. Need we say more? With the addition of Black Raspberry Puree, this gorgeous ale is meant to be sipped and stared at. Cheers!


Bourbon Barrel Stout – Central Waters (WI)

Barrel Aged Stout ~ 9.5 % ABV ~ $7.00 Goblet

The brewery's most highly sought after beer, this Imperial Stout is aged to perfection in oak bourbon barrels. Look for this tasty treat to contain hints of bourbon and vanilla with roasted overtones that is sure to please any connoisseur's palate. Serve this beer at cellar temperature from a snifter glass and enjoy this expression of our passion for brewing.

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